Online Texts in Spanish


We will offer an online library of authentic texts written in Spanish for your students to read independently, with no translations. Our library features fiction and non-fiction texts from the Spanish-speaking world for students from grades 3-5 to choose from. Close reading and text annotating tools aligned to Common Core standards promote high-level thinking for all students at their level.

Transfer into English


Once a student masters a skill in Spanish, a set of tools for transfer into English will become available. Cognates, academic language, and word patterns are the focus of mini-lessons that promote the transfer of the mastered skill into the corresponding English Language Arts standard. This helps prepare your Spanish-speaking students for success in their English-language reading and promotes standards mastery.


Three Building Blocks Work Together for Improved Success in English

The three building blocks of Blended Biliteracy are authentic Spanish texts, individualized adaptive practice, and tools for English transfer.

After an initial assessment carried out within the program, students go on to read at a recommended level, and respond to standards-based questions. Blended Biliteracy identifies skills that are mastered as well as skills that need more practice, and it provides additional practice for that skill for each student, adapting to his or her individual needs and progress.

Native Literacy for School Success

With the help of Blended Biliteracy, your students can take full advantage of their independent learning time to reinforce their reading and language comprehension skills in their native Spanish. Besides developing their home-language literacy, this will help them reinforce the concepts that they will need to apply to their English reading blocks. Transfer tools will give them the support they need to be able to transfer their Spanish skills and apply them to their English reading and Common Core standards.